Week 2

This week starts our with our g major and a minor chords (pressing as hard as we need to, keeping fingers close to frets), a new rhythm & a song that will bring last weeks chords onto the playing field so to speak!

This weeks new chords..


How to Play G Major (G)

How to play A Minor (Am)

Tips for playing your Am & G chords!

Our first rhythm - 4/4 Rhythm Pattern #1!

"Surfin' USA" is our first song, there are a couple of reasons I like this song as a beginners song..

  1. It features last weeks chords A Major, E Major & D Major
  2. There is space in the song to make the best & fastest chord change we can!
  3. The rhythm is all down strums and encourages us to count so we know when to come back in.